Frequently Asked Questions


Dry Cleaning is not just CUT & DRY!

We know you have some questions! See if your answer is here. If not, please feel free to contact our Dry Cleaning facility in New Jersey with all of your questions, concerns or special Dry Cleaning or Laundry needs.


How do I pay?
Simple! You can provide us with a credit card or pay by check. We are "paperless" so your statement will come via email each month. (You can arrange for a mailed statement)

Do I need to call for a pick up?
No, unless your needs are infrequent.  You can be "On Demand"

Do I need to identify stains? 
No, every garment that arrives at our Cleaners Advantage facility is individually spotted.

We have a lot of hangers. Do you recycle them? 
YES! We even provide the hanger shaped collection boxes.

Are you environmentally friendly?
Of course! We have a State of the Art, completely self-contained cleaning system that meets and exceeds all EPA and OSHA requirements. We have solar panels on our plant roof and recycle our water using a special "Chiller" process and then use it to cool all our machinery. We barcode for less invoicing and use a paperless billing system!


Do you clean and prepare Wedding Dresses for storage and Preservation?
We use the “Museum Quality” process. Unlike most dry cleaners, we use an exclusive technique that does not “seal” the Wedding/Baptism gown

Do you clean area rugs?
Yes we do! Pick up and delivery to your door
We also provide delivery of the Bissell Green Marchine carpet cleaner for DIY

Please contact us for pricing.

Do you clean UGG Boots and other suede products?
Yes we do!
Please contact us for pricing.